[Download Link] Requirements Engineering Ebook

Author: Elizabeth Hull
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1849964041 - 9781849964043
Published Date: 2010-10-11
Size: 20812 Kb
Description: Written for those who want to develop their knowledge of requirements engineering process, whether practitioners or students.

Using the latest research and driven by practical experience from industry, Requirements Engineering gives useful hints to practitioners on how to write and structure requirements. It explains the importance of Systems Engineering and the creation of effective solutions to problems. It describes the underlying representations used in system modeling and introduces the UML2, and considers the relationship between requirements and modeling. Covering a generic multi-layer requirements process, the book discusses the key elements of effective requirements management. The latest version ofDOORS (Version 7)- a software tool which serves as an enabler of a requirements management process - is also introduced to the reader here.

Additional material and links are available at: http: //www.requirementsengineering.info

Label: Engineering Requirements
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