[Download Link] Financial Statement Analysis: A Practitioner's Guide Ebook

Author: Martin S. Fridson
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 0471409154 - 9780471409151
Published Date: 2002-4-1
Size: 13954 Kb
Description: Praise for Financial Statement Analysis
A Practitioner's Guide
Third Edition

"This is an illuminating and insightful tour of financial statements, how they can be used to inform, how they can be used to mislead, and how they can be used to analyze the financial health of a company."
-Professor Jay O. Light
Harvard Business School

"Financial Statement Analysis should be required reading for anyone who puts a dime to work in the securities markets or recommends that others do the same."
-Jack L. Rivkin
Executive Vice President (retired)
Citigroup Investments

"Fridson and Alvarez provide a valuable practical guide for understanding, interpreting, and critically assessing financial reports put out by firms. Their discussion of profits-'quality of earnings'-is particularly insightful given the recent spate of reporting problems encountered by firms. I highly recommend their book to anyone interested in getting behind the numbers as a means of predicting future profits and stock prices."
-Paul Brown
Chair-Department of Accounting
Leonard N. Stern School of Business, NYU

"Let this book assist in financial awareness and transparency and higher standards of reporting, and accountability to all stakeholders."
-Patricia A. Small
Treasurer Emeritus, University of California
Partner, KCM Investment Advisors

"This book is a polished gem covering the analysis of financial statements. It is thorough, skeptical and extremely practical in its review."
-Daniel J. Fuss
Vice Chairman
Loomis, Sayles & Company, LP
Label: Analysis Financial Guide Practitioner
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