[Download Link] Exploring Requirements: Quality Before Design Ebook

Author: Donald C. Gause
Publisher: Dorset House Publishing Company, Incorporated
ISBN: 0932633137 - 9780932633132
Published Date: 1989-1-1
Size: 24742 Kb
Description: Partial ContentsPart 1: Negotiating a Common Understanding1. Methodologies Aren't Enough2. Ambiguity in Stating Requirements3. Sources of Ambiguity4. The Tried but Untrue Use of Direct QuestionsPart II: Ways to Get Started5. Starting Points6. Context-Free Questions7. Getting the Right People Involved8. Making Meetings Work for Everybody9. Reducing Ambiguity from Start to FinishPart III: Exploring the Possibilities10. Idea-Generation Meetings11. Right-Brain Methods12. The Project's Name13. Facilitating in the Face of ConflictPart IV: Clarifying Expectations14. Functions15. Attributes16. Constraints17. Preferences18. ExpectationsPart V: Greatly Improving the Odds of Success19. Ambiguity Metrics20. Technical Reviews21. Measuring Satisfaction22. Test Cases23. Studying Existing Products24. Making Agreements25. EndingBibliographyIndex
Label: Before Design Exploring Quality
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