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Author: Books LLC
Publisher: Books LLC, Wiki Series
ISBN: 1157089402 - 9781157089407
Published Date: 2011-8-13
Size: 32332 Kb
Description: Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 122. Chapters: Creative Commons-licensed albums, Creative Commons-licensed books, Creative Commons-licensed comics, Creative Commons-licensed databases, Creative Commons-licensed films, Creative Commons-licensed journals, Creative Commons-licensed novels, Creative Commons-licensed podcasts, Creative Commons-licensed websites, Independent Media Center, The Cathedral and the Bazaar, Public Library of Science, The Future of Ideas, MIT OpenCourseWare, Magnatune, Wikipedia, Ghosts I-IV, Uncyclopedia, Xkcd, OpenStreetMap, The Slip, FLOSS Weekly, Sita Sings the Blues, Memory Alpha, Indy Mogul, Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning, Groklaw, Elephants Dream, Journal of Cell Biology, Rocketboom, Epic Fu, Little Brother, Accelerando, Remix, PLoS ONE, Lostpedia, Wikinews, This Week in Tech, Pioneer One, Freebase, Comunes Collective, The Honour of the Knights, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, Q, Ourproject.org, Filthcast, Wikitravel, Jargon File, All Day, Zhura, Truthout, 54, List of works available under a Creative Commons License, Ekopedia, OpenSeaMap, Sintel, List of open content films, Manituana, Move Under Ground, Tatoeba, Warbreaker, Wikivoyage, A Swarm of Angels, Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town, BloodSpell, Tufts OpenCourseWare, Security Now, Yo Frankie!, Free Culture, Big Buck Bunny, CcMixter, Kreislauf, Alive in Joburg, Tagmar, MacBreak, Jamendo, Journal of Experimental Medicine, Blindsight, The Good Girl, Whitehouse.gov, Eastern Standard Tribe, Ventus, Cactuses, CyArk, OpenGameArt.org, Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon, Nature Precedings, Proteopedia, Kamusi project, Daily Giz Wiz, BBS: The Documentary, Sino-Platonic Papers, Pulse of the Earth, PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, Ashes, The Wired CD, Open Yale Courses, The Wealth of Networks, Why's Guide to Ruby, Gardenology.org, Linux For You, Fringepedia, Berkeley Webcast...
Label: Albums Books Comics Commons
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