[Download Link] The Making of the English Working Class Ebook

Author: E.P. Thompson
Publisher: Vintage/Alfred A. Knopt/Random House (NY)
ISBN: 0394703227 - 9780394703220
Published Date: 1966-2-12
Size: 20273 Kb
Description: This account of artisan & working-class society in its formative years, 1780-1832, adds an important dimension to our understanding of the 19th century. E.P. Thompson shows how the working class took part in its own making & recreates the whole life experience of people who suffered loss of status & freedom, who underwent degradation & who yet created a culture & political consciousness of great vitality.
"Thompson's book has been called controversial, but perhaps only because so many have forgotten how explosive England was during the Regency & the early reign of Victoria. Without any reservation, The Making of the English Working Class is the most important study of those days since the classic work of the Hammonds."--Commentary
"Mr Thompson's deeply human imagination & controlled passion help us to recapture the agonies, heroisms & illusions of the working class as it made itself. No one interested in the history of the English people should fail to read his book."--Times Literary Supplement
Label: Class English Making Working
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