[Download Link] What Happens Overseas Stays Overseas Ebook

Author: Gregg Burton
Publisher: Tahli's Publishing House
ISBN: 0615298265 - 9780615298269
Published Date: 2009-6-30
Size: 27142 Kb
Description: Petty Officer Green is frustrated with her husband's lack of attention in the bedroom. Seemingly a one-minute man and after years of dealing with this she is more than happy to go on her six-month deployment. On her deployment, she finds satisfaction from someone she never thought she would. The question is will she allow her sexual frustrations and newfound satisfaction overrule what her heart wants? Petty Officer Mills is known on deck as a player. Although he has tamed his wild ways, he has his eye on someone that he is determined to have if given the opportunity. Petty Officer Whitehead is recently engaged to a man she is madly in love with. More than anything she is dreading her deployment because she would much rather be home with her man. Three-months into her deployment she finds out something that in her eyes is unforgivable. Being overseas she decides to do something that she may just very well regret in the long run. Seaman Johnson is on her first deployment. Being only 18 years-old she is a bit naive to a lot of things. In a way it seems as if the only reason she went into the navy is because of all the heartache she had to endure as she was growing up.
Label: Happens Overseas Stays What
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