[Download Link] The Social Life of Information Ebook

Author: John Seely Brown
Publisher: Harvard Business Review Press
ISBN: 1578517087 - 9781578517084
Published Date: 2002-3-1
Size: 22054 Kb
Description: For years pundits have predicted that information technology will obliterate everything, from supermarkets to business organizations to social life itself, but beaten down by info-glut, exasperated by computer crashes, and daunted by the dot com crash, individual users find it hard to get a fix on the true potential of the digital revolution. John Seely Brown and Paul Duguid argue that the gap between digerati hype and end-user gloom is largely due to the "tunnel vision" that information-driven technologies breed. We've become so focused on where we think we ought to be--a place where technology empowers individuals and obliterates social organizations--that we often fail to see where we're really going.
The Social Life of Information shows us how to look beyond our obsession with information and individuals to include the critical social networks of which these are always a part.
Label: Information Life Social
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