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Author: Arthur Myers
Publisher: Contemporary Books Inc
ISBN: 0809250810 - 9780809250813
Published Date: 1986-9-22
Size: 12351 Kb
Description: Sign your name--if you dare--in The Ghostly Register, a spine-tingling guide to the most fascinating documented haunts in America. Read the eerie tales of spirits, bizarre occurrences, and unexplained phenomena. You will be spellbound by the account of ghostly manifestations of a tall Stetson-wearing figure aboard The Wild Goose, John Wayne's former yacht; the strange happenings and tragic history surrounding the Toys 'R' Us store in Sunnyvale, California; and the mysterious building in Idaho from which the trapped spirit of a mummified rat makes its escape to the otherworld.

The ghosts whose exploits are described herein are good people, bad people, disappointed lovers and the people who scored them, murderers, murder victims, little old ladies, even prostitutes. Their personalities--and spooky activities--are as unforgettable as they are unsettling.

The Ghostly Register, a collection of incredible, titillating tales, is also a guidebook, complete with locations, directions, records of investigations, the best times to witness the manifestations, and educated guesses, based on histories, as to the identity of the ghostly inhabitants. Specialists in psychic phenomena are also listed.
Label: Ghostly Register
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