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Author: Erich Segal
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 0553270907 - 9780553270907
Published Date: 1986-1-1
Size: 8721 Kb
Description: From world-renowned author Erich Segal comes a powerful and moving saga of five extraordinary members of the Harvard class of 1958 and the women with whom their lives are intertwined. Their explosive story begins in a time of innocence and spans a turbulent quarter century, culminating in their dramatic twenty-five reunion at which they confront their classmates--and the balance sheet of  their own lives. Always at the center; amid the  passion, laughter, and glory, stands Harvard--the symbol of who they are and who they will be. They were a generation who made the rules--then broke them--whose glittering successes, heartfelt tragedies, and unbridled ambitions would stun the world.
Label: Class
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