[Download Link] The Graduation of Jake Moon Ebook

Author: Barbara Park
Publisher: Atheneum/Anne Schwartz Books
ISBN: 068983912X - 9780689839122
Published Date: 2000-9-1
Size: 16563 Kb
Description: Life hasn't been the same for Jake Moon since his grandfather, Skelly, got Alzheimer's disease. At first Jake thought, no big deal, it was just a disease that made old people forget where they put their car keys. But he was wrong. It is a big deal. A "very" big deal.For one thing, he can't invite friends over because Skelly might do something embarrassing like tell them to zipper their "briskets," or Jake might reach into the freezer for a can of frozen orange juice and find Skelly's frozen pajamas there instead. He used to love spending time with his grandfather...but now he is mostly stuck fastening the Velcro on Skelly's sneakers, or wiping rice off his chin. It's like all of a sudden "he's" the grown-up, and Skelly's the kid. How can the one person Jake could always count on be fading as fast as -- well, as the moon.

Barbara Park, one of today's most popular and versatile authors, has created a funny, honest, and unforgettable portrait of a boy struggling to understand this debilitating disease and graduate to a more sympathetic and accepting relationship with his beloved grandfather.
Label: Graduation Jake Moon
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