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Author: Matthew Jarrard
Publisher: Bookstand Publishing
ISBN: 1589096517 - 9781589096516
Published Date: 2009-8-1
Size: 13444 Kb
Description: Oliver Randall, a young and promising dentist, loses his loving family and successful practice due to false accusations. After a brief prison term he inherits the family house in the country. While planting a tree in his family's memory, he becomes the victim of a gruesome crime. Twelve years later, lonely and disfigured, with most of his teeth missing, Oliver discovers the tree he planted years prior miraculously grows beautiful teeth! Rediscovering some of his old self again in this mysterious tree, his bitterness sweetens. He decides to share these miracle teeth when he befriends Adlin, a sweet, although naive, young local woman who has also fallen victim to a terribly blemished smile. Overall, life hasn't been this uplifting for Oliver Randall in well over a decade. Before long, however, Oliver's new lease on life is crushed by an impending doom, realizing that miracles may not grow on trees after all.
Label: Aides Grin
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