[Download Link] Research Is Ceremony: Indigenous Research Methods Ebook

Author: Shawn Wilson
Publisher: Fernwood Publishing Co., Ltd.
ISBN: 1552662810 - 9781552662816
Published Date: 2009-4-1
Size: 14441 Kb
Description: Describing a research paradigm shared by indigenous scholars in Canada and Australia, this study demonstrates how this standard can be put into practice. Portraying indigenous researchers as knowledge seekers who work to progress indigenous ways of being, knowing, and doing in a constantly evolving context, this examination shows how relationships both shape indigenous reality and are vital to reality itself. These same knowledge seekers develop relationships with ideas in order to achieve enlightenment in the ceremony of maintaining accountability. Envisioning researchers as accountable to all relations, this overview proves that careful choices should be made regarding selection of topics, methods of data collection, forms of analysis, and the way in which information is presented.
Label: Ceremony Indigenous Methods Research
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