[Download Link] Sexual Behavior in the Human Male Ebook

Author: Alfred C. Kinsey
Publisher: W.B. Saunders Co. Ltd. (Philadelphia/London)
ISBN: 0721654452 - 9780721654454
Published Date: --
Size: 12564 Kb
Description: Preface
Publisher's Foreword
1 History & method: Historical introduction
Statistical problems
Validity of the data
2 Factors affecting sexual outlet: Early sexual growth & activity
Total sexual outlet
Age & sexual outlet
Marital status & sexual outlet
Age of adolescence & sexual outlet
Social level & sexual outlet
Stability of sexual patterns
Rural-urban background & sexual outlet
Religious background & sexual outlet
3 Sources of sexual outlet: Masturbation
Nocturnal emissions
Heterosexual petting
Pre-marital intercourse
Marital intercourse
Extra-marital intercourse
Intercourse with prostitutes
Homosexual outlet
Animal contacts
Clinical tables
Label: Behavior Human Male Sexual
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