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Author: Kate Saunders
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 0312339410 - 9780312339418
Published Date: 2006-6-27
Size: 24449 Kb
Description: All the warmth and love in Cassie's childhood came from the Darling family. Escaping from her own remote, chilly parents, Cassie reveled in the exuberant chaos she found at the home of the Darlings--two boys, a cheerful father, and a glorious mother, Phoebe, who always welcomed the lonely little girl next door.
Cassie is grown up now, living a suitable life with a suitable boyfriend, until her beloved Phoebe falls ill and comes to Cassie with one last request: Will Cassie help her sons, a pair of incorrigible bachelors, find wives to look after them? It's true they are gorgeously handsome, but they are also unemployed and still living in their mother's basement. Cassie can scarcely say ‘No' to Phoebe--but how will she ever find decent girlfriends, let alone wives, for these wildly sexy, and wildly impractical, bachelor boys?

Kate Saunders's Bachelor Boys is a story about love and loss that's moving, wise, and wickedly funny
Label: Bachelor Boys
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