[Download Link] Inside the Registry for Microsoft Windows 95: Developer's Guide to Tapping the Power of the Registry Ebook

Author: Gunter Born
Publisher: Microsoft Press
ISBN: 1572314249 - 9781572314245
Published Date: 1996-11-1
Size: 14659 Kb
Description: Fortunately, most of us don't need to fiddle with the Registry. But if it's your job, this book is the reference you'll want to have close by. The book-and-CD set provides an overview, starting from the baseline tools of the Registry that are directly accessible, like RegEdit and .INF files. Concepts and recurring features of the Registry are explained, so developers can ensure that their applications are well behaved in the many flavors of 32-bit Windows. They'll also be able to extend the functionality of the various Windows shells through proper modification of Registry files. It's a single comprehensive source of much-needed information and tools."Inside The Microsoft Windows 98 Registry" topics include:

- The basics

- The Registry Editor and other Registry tools

- Registering filename extensions

- Customizing the desktop, Start Menu, and Control Panel

- Customizing the Explorer menu and shell icon settings

- Miscellaneous Registry settings

- Programming issues
Label: Developer Guide Inside Microsoft
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