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Author: Jimmie C. Holland
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0195106148 - 9780195106145
Published Date: 1998-4-9
Size: 17396 Kb
Description: Psycho-oncology is a comprehensive reference work on all the psychological aspects of cancer. It started as a revision of Holland and Rowland's very successful Handbook of Psychooncology (OUP, 1990), but was so heavily revised and expanded that it became a new book. Among the many changes, there are new sets of chapters on psychosocial risk factors for cancer, genetic risk and cancer screening, and caring for persons with special needs. The editor, Jimmie C. Holland, is widely recognized as a leader and founder of this field. The six associate editors represent the disciplines relevant to psycho-oncology: psychiatry, psychology, social work and nursing.
In a clear, well-organized and authoritative manner, the book provides all that health professionals working in oncology need to know to provide sensitive and informed psychological care. Written by over 200 contributors, it covers every facet of prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Ten chapters are devoted to psychological and behavioral factors that alter cancer risk and survival: life style and health-related behaviors, coping style, social ties, socioeconomic status, and cancer screening. The psychological, social and ethical issues influencing the genetic risk for cancer, and the counseling regarding genetic testing--new areas of importance for psycho-oncologists--are discussed in detail. Eighteen chapters cover the special psychological problems associated with common sites of cancer and the principles of management. Separate chapters deal with cancer survival, palliative care, pain, nausea and vomiting, fatigue, and sexual problems. Thirteen chapters review the common psychiatric disorders found in cancer patients and their treatment, with specific attention directed at anxiety, depression, delirium and post-traumatic stress disorder. A large section is devoted to interventions: brief crisis counseling, psychodynamic therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychopharmacology and group therapies. Non-traditional treatments such as art therapy, meditation and spiritual counseling are included. This broad, in-depth coverage makes Psycho-oncology a critical resource for both oncologists and mental health professionals.
Label: Oncology Psycho
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