[Download Link] The Practice of Social Research Ebook

Author: Earl R. Babbie
Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company
ISBN: 0495093254 - 9780495093251
Published Date: 2006-2-1
Size: 18203 Kb
Description: This thorough revision of Babbie's standard-setting book for the course (known as the "Bible of social research methods") offers students a comprehensive, straightforward introduction to the field of research methods as practiced by sociologists and other social scientists. Emphasizing the importance of the research process, the book shows students how social scientists design research studies, introduces the variety of observation modes used by sociologists, and covers the "how-to's" and "whys" of social research methods. Students learn how to conduct various types of research, when it is appropriate to use each method, and how to analyze qualitative and quantitative data. The 11th edition provides students with the necessary tools for understanding social research methods and for applying these concepts both inside and outside the classroom--as researchers and as consumers of research.
Label: Practice Research Social
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