[Download Link] Mistaken Identity (Rosato & Associates, #4) Ebook

Author: Lisa Scottoline
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0006499953 - 9780006499954
Published Date: 2000--
Size: 18094 Kb
Description: Bennie Rosato, the head of her own law firm, specializes in police misconduct cases. However, nothing can prepare her for a meeting with her new client, Alice Connolly. Accused of murdering her lover, a highly decorated police officer, Connolly claims the police framed her. What shocks Bennie is that Connolly looks just like her. Pleased to meet you. I'm your twin. Your identical twin. Connolly tells Bennie, who grew up an only child, or so she thought. But Connolly knows too many intimate details about Bennie s life and family. With the trial only a week away, Bennie plunges into the mystery of the murder and her family s dark secrets.
Label: Associates Identity Mistaken Rosato
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