[Download Link] Requirements Analysis and System Design Ebook

Author: Leszek A. Maciszek
Publisher: Addison Wesley Publishing Company
ISBN: 0201709449 - 9780201709445
Published Date: 2001-4-1
Size: 10954 Kb
Description: "The focus of the book is on developing large-scale, client/server, multi-tier object-oriented information systems. The client is a workstation with a GUI and the server manages a database. The client, server and middle-tier processes communicate via object messaging. The server database can be relational, object-relational or purely object-oriented." "The book can be used for undergraduate courses in computer science or information systems such as systems analysis, systems design, software engineering, databases and object technology, as well as being a valuable resource for software projects. The book has also been written for professionals developing business information systems, such as IT managers, application developers, consultants, analysts, designers, programmers, testers, software engineers, systems integrators and educators. The text is accompanied by a comprehensive website that contains a wealth of additional material for instructors, students and professionals."--BOOK JACKET.
Label: Analysis Design Requirements System
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