[Download Link] Forensics: A Guide for Writers Ebook

Author: D.P. Lyle
Publisher: Writer's Digest Books
ISBN: 1582974748 - 9781582974743
Published Date: 2008-4-4
Size: 5684 Kb
Description: Just because you don't have all the tools and training of a full-time medical examiner doesn't mean you can't learn your way around a crime scene.

In Forensics, award-winning author and TV show consultant D.P. Lyle, M.D., takes each area of forensics--from fingerprint analysis to crime scene reconstruction--and discusses its development, how the science works, how it helps in crime solving, and how you as a writer might use this technique in crafting your plot. This comprehensive reference guide includes:

Real-life case files and the role forensic evidence played in solving the crimes
A breakdown of the forensics system from its history and organization to standard evidence classification and collection methods
Detailed information on what a dead body can reveal--including the cause, mechanism, and manner of death
The actual steps taken to preserve a crime scene and the evidence that can be gathered there, such as bloodstains, documents, fingerprints, tire impressions, and more
Forensics is the ultimate resource for learning how to accurately imbue your stories with authentic details of untimely demises.
Label: Forensics Guide Writers
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