[Download Link] Raven's Strike (Raven, #2) Ebook

Author: Patricia Briggs
ISBN: 0441013120 - 9780441013128
Published Date: --
Size: 23669 Kb
Description: Librarian's note: An alternate cover edition can be found here

Centuries ago, the wizards of Colossae unleashed an unimaginable force of destruction: the Stalker. Only the sacrifice of their entire city could contain the menace they had wrought—but even then, the Stalker was only imprisoned, and it can still find conduits for its evil power...

Seraph is among the last of the Travelers, those who strive to destroy the dark magic released by their ancestors' mistakes. Seraph tried to escape her people's duty and live a quiet life, until evil found her...and her family.

A cunning new force for darkness called the Shadowed stalks the land, feeding on death, destruction, and the sleeping Stalker's power. He plans to wake the Stalker, wreaking untold havoc, but he needs those who bear the Travelers' magic to release the dark god...and he has his sights set on Seraph and her family.

Now Seraph must use all her cunning and ability as a Raven mage to track down the Shadowed and strike against him before it is too late...
Label: Raven Strike
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