[Download Link] Licensed to Marry (Montana Confidential #3) Ebook

Author: Charlotte Douglas
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 0373226381 - 9780373226382
Published Date: 2001-11-1
Size: 12744 Kb
Description: The Mission: Undercover Husband

No woman had ever looked more beautiful to Kyle Foster than the trembling female he rescued from the wreckage of an explosion. But he never dreamed he'd marry Laura Quinlan just days later! When traces of the bomb led to a security leak inside Laura's top-secret laboratory, a stricken Laura made Kyle a shocking proposal - marry her, and infiltrate the lab to find the traitor. As a Confidential agent and single father, Kyle would do anything to make the world a safer place. But living with Laura could prove a deadly distraction. Kyle's daughter loved her. Kyle's own heart was in jeopardy. And now the enemy knew it....

Label: Confidential Licensed Marry Montana
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