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Author: Roz Monette
Publisher: Cedar Grove Publishing
ISBN: - 9781941958070
Published Date: 2015-11-
Size: 19046 Kb
Description: Self-proclaimed atheist virgin, Mo Perez, has no interest in meeting Mr. Right.

She has enough problems trying to cope with her foster care upbringing, her alternative education classes, and constant financial hardships thanks to Marci, her 21-ear-old sister and legal guardian who refuses to get a real job. It’s a lot for a 16-year-old to handle. But Mo Perez is no ordinary 16-year-old.

Her razor sharp wit and unmistakable street smarts earn her the nickname Pin Drop. One brilliantly executed remark from Mo Perez will silence any room and leave everyone wondering how they were outsmarted by a snarky teenager without a dime to her name.
Mo lets her tender side shine through to four individuals that will never judge her: Fez, Kneehi, CiCi, and Jake. Who needs human friends when you have four dogs to keep you company?

When Marci skips town with their only source of income, Mo is determine to survive on her own. Losing the struggle to make ends meet, Mo is faced with a tough choice: foster care or homelessness. She chooses homelessness.

Crafty and creative, Mo will figure out how to keep food in her stomach, clothes on her back, and start a romantic relationship while hiding the fact she has no place to call home.

"Pin Drop is a must read. Mo Perez will stay with you long after you close the back cover of this book and her story is both tragic and heroic. Roz Monette has written a book that elevates realistic fiction." -- Chris Crutcher, author, Period 8
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