[Download Link] Sassy Sonja: Bravo Atlanta Ebook

Author: Sarah Swells
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Agency
ISBN: 1631353950 - 9781631353956
Published Date: 2015-2-4
Size: 9299 Kb
Description: After the death of her abusive ex-husband in a car accident, Sonja Kent leaves Jacksonville to start a new life in Atlanta. Drawing strength from her Aunt Grace and friend Sandy, Sonja tries to put the past behind her. She is swept off her feet when Marion Avon walks into her life. The young, up-and-coming man from a wealthy and influential Atlanta family ardently pursues Sonja and asks her to marry him. Their wedding is a glorious event, but Sonja's bitter parents refuse to attend. Given her humble roots, it takes time for Sonja to adjust to her new role as a young Atlanta socialite. In the 1960s, segregation is ending in the South and a new day of racial equality is dawning. Marion gets involved with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Like many in the South, Sonja supports the end of segregation, but is fearful of the violence that can erupt from social change. The world she knew where whites and blacks used separate restrooms and children went to racially segregated schools is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. When Dr. King is assassinated and then Robert Kennedy, events seem to be spiraling out of control, both in the nation and in Sonja's family.
Label: Atlanta Bravo Sassy Sonja
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