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Author: Andrew R.W. Jackson
Publisher: Pearson Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0131998803 - 9780131998803
Published Date: 2007-9-29
Size: 22766 Kb
Description: This book provides a clear and authoritative introduction to forensic science. It is comprehensive in that it covers the core topics throughout the process of doing forensic science: from collecting evidence at the crime scene; through the analysis of that evidence; through to the presentation of the scientific findings in court.

Scientifically rigorous, the book is primarily aimed at undergraduates starting out on forensic science degree programmes or those taking a forensic science elective module. Due to the book's accessible and engaging tone related professions such as lawyers or police officers may also find this of interest as may the general reader who simply wishes to learn more about the subject.

Case studies, chapter objectives and summaries and exercises feature throughout to enhance the reader's learning experience.

" "A useful and relevant text which serves as a primer for students to
understand current processes and structures. Well laid out and
illustrated; a very readable text which is objective and factual in its
"Rob Bird, Coventry University (formerly SIO/Police Superintendent)
Label: Forensic Science
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