[Download Link] A Cabinet of Medical Curiosities Ebook

Author: Jan Bondeson
Publisher: W. W. Norton Company
ISBN: 0393318923 - 9780393318920
Published Date: 1999-4-17
Size: 18962 Kb
Description: In this book of amazing oddities, Jan Bondeson explores unexpected, gruesome, and bizarre aspects of the history of medicine. He regales us with stories of spontaneous human combustion; vicious tribes of tailed men; the Two-Headed Boy of Bengal; Mary Toft, who allegedly gave birth to seventeen rabbits; and Julia Pastrana, exhibited around the world as the Ape Woman. Bondeson combines an historian's skill in showing us our timeless fascination with the grotesque with a physician's diagnostic abilities, as he examines the evidence and provides likely explanations for these peculiar events.
Label: Cabinet Curiosities Medical
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