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Author: Kay Kadinger
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1515320057 - 9781515320050
Published Date: 2015-8-15
Size: 15723 Kb
Description: You see colors. I feel them.

In the beginning, my world was colored with the blue of love and the yellow of a curious place where rules didn’t matter, time was just an idea, and loss was something we got to forget.

I’m different than most people you meet. I’m a synesthete, which means that I hear and feel emotions in color. Black is chaos, orange is rebellion, and red is deception.

Three years ago, the accident warped all the colors. In a moment of pitch black, I lost everything but the new life growing inside me. He’d come into this world with a color all his own and we’d been fine, maybe even happy. Then I met Ben and I began to see a new shade of blue . It was the beginnings of Indigo, with a touch of gray that feels like rain on asphalt, a fresh start.

But Ben was also hiding something. There was too much red in that cloud of blue.
Label: Spectrum
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