[Download Link] To Be Continued Ebook

Author: Prex J.D.V. Ybasco
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1505357209 - 9781505357202
Published Date: 2015-6-25
Size: 26929 Kb
Description: Not all stories end happily nor tragically. Most of them just need to be continued.Azalea Anthony is a writer, or what she claims to be.Vim Harvey is her friend, or at least what she wants to believe.Jasmine Morrish is Azalea's archenemy, or so what Jash believes Azalea makes people believe...er--There are other characters, too: like Warren, the basketball player, Beatrix, the model, Tom, the perfect excuse of a brother, Eclaire, the eccentric bff, etc.They all hangout in one place where they can enjoy a steaming cup of debates, an aroma of gossips, a side dish of basketball, a topping of drama, and a menu of articles : The Big Coffee Shop.
Label: Continued
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