[Download Link] Becoming Darkness Ebook

Author: Lindsay Francis Brambles
Publisher: Switch Press
ISBN: 1630790176 - 9781630790172
Published Date: 2015-10-1
Size: 24872 Kb
Description: Haven is all that remains.

Like everyone else living in Haven, seventeen-year-old Sophie Harkness is an Immune—a carrier of the genetic mutation that protects her from the virus Hitler unleashed upon the world more than half a century ago. The virus wiped out most of humanity and turned two-hundred million people into vampires. But after her best friend is brutally murdered, Sophie becomes determined to find answers to what seems to be a conspiracy running generations deep. And when she questions the peace treaty that keeps her small community protected, Sophie begins to discover terrible truths about herself and what it means to be human in a world ruled by darkness.
Label: Becoming Darkness
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