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Author: Kristin Hardy
Publisher: Harlequin Blaze
ISBN: 0373791917 - 9780373791910
Published Date: 2005-6-1
Size: 21696 Kb
Description: It's an outrageous gamble and the stakes are high...

Millions of dollars' worth of rare stamps are gone, along with the family business, unless Gwen Chastain follows the thief to a Vegas casino and steals the canceled postage back before anyone finds out. Except that means Gwen'll have to masquerade as Nina, a poker-playing blond bombshell, and get into even deeper trouble with a sharp-eyed reporter who sees right through her bluff.

Now Gwen has no option but to trust Del Redmond - and pray that he knows how to play it close to the vest. It's a big risk and the odds are stacked against her, except he's got a few tricks of his own...starting with a truly amazing pair of hands!
Label: Certified Male
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