[Download Link] Spirits Abroad Ebook

Author: Zen Cho
Publisher: Buku Fixi (Fixi Novo)
ISBN: - 9789670374987
Published Date: 2014-6-21
Size: 23389 Kb
Description: "If you live near the jungle, you will realize that what is real and what is not real is not always clear. In the forest there is not a big gap between the two."

A Datin recalls her romance with an orang bunian. A teenage pontianak struggles to balance homework, bossy aunties, first love, and eating people. An earth spirit gets entangled in protracted negotiations with an annoying landlord, and Chang E spins off into outer space, the ultimate metaphor for the Chinese diaspora.

Straddling the worlds of the mundane and the magical, Spirits Abroad collects ten science fiction and fantasy stories with a distinctively Malaysian sensibility.
Label: Abroad Spirits
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