[Download Link] Secrets of a Shoe Addict (Shoe Addict, #2) Ebook

Author: Beth Harbison
ISBN: 0312348266 - 9780312348267
Published Date: --
Size: 7014 Kb
Description: Every woman has a secret. The question is: How far will she go to make sure it stays secret?
Abbey Walsh never wanted anyone to find out about her shady past. After all, she’s the wife of a minister now, living an exemplary life. That is, until someone shows up from her past with blackmail in mind . . .
Tiffany Vanderslice Dreyer never dreamed that she’d find herself up to her new designer sunglasses in credit card debt from one mad moment of a shopping spree. She’s an upstanding wife and mother with the perfect marriage . . . right?
Loreen Murphy hadn’t meant to hire a male prostitute in Las Vegas. It was all just a big, stupid, and expensive misunderstanding. . . .
Abbey, Tiffany, and Loreen are each in need of thousands of dollars and fast. Tiffany’s sister, Sandra, has the perfect idea. It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s legal, and it’s the secret that kept her shoe addiction alive. It’s the perfect plan. . . .
In this deliciously sassy novel, three very different women bond when they find themselves in more than one kind of trouble. It’s the story of how sometimes you have a secret that can get you in---and out---of dire straits. It’s about romance, friendship, kids, revenge, affairs, and, most of all, a love of the well-heeled things in life.
Label: Addict Secrets Shoe
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