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Author: Alan Jones
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Description: By the author of 'Winning At Interview' and 'Network To Get Work'

Have you ever taken a job at a lower salary than you might have achieved, if only you'd tried to negotiate a better deal?

The jobs market is a market place like any other. There are buyers and there are sellers. As the seller you must sell your talents at the best price, whether going for a new job or seeking a pay rise with your current employer. Negotiating salary conjures up unedifying visions of eyeball to eyeball confrontation with strangers. But it doesn't have to be like that.

In 'How To Negotiate Your Salary' Alan Jones gives real insight into the process, and through 12 great Case Studies of some who failed and others who succeeded he helps to explore the issues, de-mystify the process and boost your confidence. A highly practical book which gives you the tips, gambits and strategies to enter salary negotiations fully prepared and in control. You will discover how to:

- assess and restore the balance of power

- clarify what you are selling

- identify your leverage

- postpone salary discussions until the optimum time

- assess the written offer

- negotiate from within

A most readable book which shows how anyone can maximize their earnings and still give their employer value for money. The perfect companion to 'Winning At Interview'.
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