[Download Link] Psychiatric Studies (Collected Works, Vol 1) Ebook

Author: C.G. Jung
Publisher: Princeton University Press (NJ)
ISBN: 0691097682 - 9780691097688
Published Date: 1970-7-1
Size: 13264 Kb
Description: Bollingen Series XX
The volume opens with Jung's dissertion for the medical degree: 'On the Psychology & Pathology of So-called Occult Phenomena,' a study that foreshadows much of his later work & as such is indispensable to all serious students of his work.
Editorial Preface
Editorial Note to the 2nd Edition
On the Psychology & Pathology of So-called Occult Phenomena
A Case of Somnambulism in a Girl with Poor Inheritance (Spiritualistic Medium)
Discussion of the Case
On Hysterical Misreading
On Manic Mood Disorder
A Case of Hysterical Stupor in a Prisoner in Detention
On Simulated Insanity
A Medical Opinion on a Case of Simulated Insanity
A 3rd & Final Opinion on Two Contradictory Psychiatric Diagnoses
On the Psychological Diagnosis of Facts
Label: Collected Psychiatric Studies Works
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