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Author: Kamah Alicia Scott
Published Date: --
Size: 11131 Kb
Description: Growing up with a mother like Sheedy is definitely not easy. Sheedy is the type of woman that does her dirt but will be damned if her daughter young Sophie follows in her footsteps. What is Sophie to do when her mother comes home from trips to New York and the ATL some nights dripping in diamonds and expensive fanfare and other nights in blood? Sheedy never made any apologies for the life she led despite her own mother's warning on her deathbed. Those words resonated deep into the soul of Sophie as well. "You can lie to yourself but you can't lie to the Lord and when it's your turn, you will have to face the judgment." Would she have to face the judgment? With a life full of naïve decisions and fast paced hustlers, Sophie becomes that chocolate Amazon, the legacy that her mother tried to literally beat off her. She becomes. Will the choices she makes save her life or will they throw her into further danger? With men like Riko and pretty boy toys like Nickel whom can she trust? Running away from the pressures and fear of recompense took her away from Philadelphia. Some say there is no place like home, what happens when Sophie's returns home? Is she certified crazy for returning or will she handle herself like a certified gangstress? The streets taught her well but did she take heed to any of the lesson? As Riko attempts to make good on his promise of revenge, can Sophie give him his just due and live to tell about it? In his own words Riko told her ""If you ever cross me you can holla at his ass in hell. You're beautiful, just lookin' at you makes my d*ck hard but you're not too pretty to die." Will Sheedy and a slew of intricately placed enemies help force her hand?
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