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Author: J.J. Argus
ASIN: B009Y8D970
Published Date: --
Size: 15349 Kb
Description: Lieutenant Rebecca Moore was not happy to be detailed to a dusty NATO base in Spain as aide to a general, especially a British general. British officers, in her limited experience, were stuffy and full of themselves. And General Laird is no exception. Of course, he is extremely young for his rank, sharp as a tack, and wears his tailored uniform very well indeed. But he's a strict and authoritarian boss, and she soon learns just how much, when she finds out his reading material includes the Marquis de Sade. But Laird is flawlessly polite and proper, and even charming. Moore soon finds herself fantasizing about him, and their relationship becomes fraught with sexual tension. Late in the office one night that tension breaks and Moore discovers just how forceful an officer Laird is, and how strong willed. She begins a shocking exploration of her own submissive side, as the General takes her into the darker reaches of her own erotic mind. Discipline is nothing new to an Army girl, but the punishments Laird introduces her to are quite a different thing.
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Label: General aide
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