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Author: Kathleen Cross
Publisher: Avon Books
ISBN: 0060936452 - 9780060936457
Published Date: 2004-9-1
Size: 13634 Kb
Description: Learning the Hard Way Carmen DuPre knows she's one fine-looking woman -- and any man who insists on making a fool of himself over her deserves the heartless treatment she's so good at dishing out. As far as Carmen's concerned, being gorgeous entitles her to anything she wants: an undeserved promotion, expensive gifts, courtside Lakers tickets, and more. But the results of a routine medical exam threaten to knock this beauty off her pedestal -- she might have to trade her looks for her life. Is a life without beauty worth living? Carmen's not so sure -- which is why she's risking hers by ignoring her doctor's advice. Then one day a very sexy stranger walks into her world, insisting there's a whole lot more to Carmen Dupre than what's on the surface -- and he's dishing out some serious schooling in a few subjects Carmen knows little about -- like faith and hope ... and love.
Label: Carmen Schooling
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