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Author: William Leslie
Published Date: 2013-8-31
Size: 20199 Kb
Description: Rock Star Down: A sexy tale of suspense with an uncanny edge. Book One in The Psychic Registry.

What happens when a pop-music princess turned reality-TV starlet is the prime suspect in her husband's murder? They call in Nathan Miller, an enigmatic ex-cop gone private investigator. Why Miller? Because he's a psychic. And because he's the best.

Join Laurel Comfort, a beautiful young investigator with the City Attorney's office as she teams-up with Miller to catch the killer of a rock star.

No secret is safe. And no heart is immune. He'll get inside of your head… And you'll love every moment.

***Contains mature content: foul-mouthed cops, disturbing crimes, lusty women, and the men that they love. Basically, lots of cool stuff.***

Length: approximately 53,500 words (Actual ending included!)

Author's Note: This book straddles a number of genres. At heart, it's a detective story, a who-done-it mystery. And the hero is a hardboiled private eye steeped in noir motifs. Yet, this is modern crime suspense with a paranormal twist: what if real psychics were a part of everyday life? Genre-wise it gets slightly more complicated. A lot of psychic stories are told in a young adult/fantasy mode or in a hard paranormal mode. The Psychic Registry differs in that it’s first and foremost a noir detective series.

Another hallmark of this series is its unabashed raciness. This series was originally pitched to my editor as a take on erotic romance and that early emphasis informed the development of the main character and the nature of his psychic powers. Eventually, we agreed that the book was far more interesting as a detective story than as an erotic romance. Nonetheless, this story retains its sexually charged roots.

The second major element that survived this early incarnation was the wonderful fish-out-of-water character, Laurel Comfort. The prominent inclusion of Laurel's POV not only facilitates a good portion of necessary world-building, but it leads to a truly satisfying, and yes, romantic subplot. Oh, yeah… and together they solve the murder.

This was a fun book to write. And I think that this world offers many more entertaining stories to come. So, rest assured, Nathan Miller (and many of his friends) will return soon.

Also Available:
The Mindjack Crew: A sexed-up paranormal crime thriller. Book Two in The Psychic Registry.

Each book in the series is a complete tale and they can be enjoyed in any order, although there will be some spoilers.
Label: Down Psychic Registry Rock
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