[Download Link] Haven of Dante: The Staff of Moshe Ebook

Author: Leonardo Ramirez
Publisher: Leonardoverse
ISBN: 0615870767 - 9780615870762
Published Date: 2013-11-15
Size: 26862 Kb
Description: Haven Irena Dante, seventeen, struggles with a dysfunctional family. Her workaholic father is never there, but his absence is filled by a loving mother harboring the secret and mysterious past of their family. The Dantes are inheritors of a centuries old legacy stretching back to Dante Alighieri himself.

They fight to contain the nine circles of hell described in the classic literature "Dante's Inferno."

Today, the nine circles have infiltrated the world at every level, operating as a secret society known as "The Aristocracy." The only thing stopping The Aristocracy from world domination is the Dante family line.

And now its Haven's turn to carry that torch.

Combining literary fiction with fantasy, this action-packed young adult adventure races through dimensions of paranormal, science fiction, and the supernatural of the afterlife.
Label: Dante Haven Moshe Staff
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