[Download Link] No Mistakes Resumes Ebook

Author: Giacomo Giammatteo
Publisher: Inferno Publishing Company
ISBN: 1940313007 - 9781940313009
Published Date: 2013-6-11
Size: 19414 Kb
Description: Warning, reading this book might get you a new job.

If you’ve ever wondered why you didn’t get called for an interview—when you knew you fit the job—this book will explain why. Learn how to…
Keep your resume out of the trash!
◆ Discover the secret to a perfect resume.
◆ Learn the three most important parts of a resume.
◆ Find out how to get the hiring manager's attention
◆ Learn which sections of your resume can put it in the trash.
◆ Uncover the magnificence of a perfect cover letter.

What makes me qualified to write this book?
I have been a headhunter for more than 30 years, and I have evaluated, screened, and edited a gazillion resumes. I know a gazillion sounds like a lot, and maybe it wasn’t quite a gazillion, but it was a lot of resumes. (more than a few dozen for sure)

I see people make the same mistakes over and over again. Mistakes that keep them from being considered for the jobs they want. That’s why I wrote this book—to help people get the jobs they really want.

So what are you waiting for? Want to know how to get that interview? Get the No Mistakes Resumes book. (It only costs about 2 cups of coffee.)

No Mistakes Resumes. Change your life today!

Danger! This book contains sarcasm, humor, and damn good information.
Label: Mistakes Resumes
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