[Download Link] Become Ebook

Author: Jillian Watts
Publisher: Split Tree Publishing
ISBN: 0981251625 - 9780981251622
Published Date: 2013-10-15
Size: 9664 Kb
Description: After a near-death experience, Abbie Thomas finds herself at the mercy of the olichon — a race of sword-toting energy shifters. Staggered by the news that she can never go home, Abbie is forced to renounce her humanity and take up the sword. Fighting to stay alive by mimicking those around her, Abbie’s mortality is tested yet again when she and two of her mentors are attacked by members of a cult devoted to a malicious goddess. Feelings between Abbie and one of her mentors become the catalyst that unravels a series of revelations about Abbie that neither she nor the olichon are ready to accept.
Label: Become
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