[Download Link] Type N (Type N, #1) Ebook

Author: Michelle N. Onuorah
Publisher: MNO Media, LLC
ISBN: 0615812457 - 9780615812458
Published Date: 2013-5-10
Size: 20373 Kb
Description: What would you do if your blood could cure cancer?

18-year-old Nicolette Talloway is the target of a worldwide manhunt because of her blood type. When delivered via transfusion, her blood heals any ailment a human has and strengthens their immune system.

The cure for cancer, HIV/AIDS, and other previously incurable diseases is running through her veins. Her blood is the only type of its own known to exist.

As a result, Nicolette is no longer a private citizen but is the world's most wanted and sought-after human being. As she runs from government appointed agents, the question begins to shift from what her blood can do to why she has it.

Is this a gift from God? And if it is, what does he want her to do with it?
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