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Author: Clark Valentine
Publisher: Evil Hat Productions, LLC.
ISBN: - 9781613170472
Published Date: 2013--
Size: 11279 Kb
Description: With only a few minutes of prep, you could be exploring the universe with your favorite sci-fi characters,fighting the forces of evil with a party of talking chimps, or setting up shop as a modern day sorceress specializing in love potions. Maybe you’re looking for the ideal pickup roleplaying game. Or you’re a first-time gamer looking to try something new without investing hours of your time. Regardless, Fate Accelerated Edition will bring something special to your table.

Fate Accelerated, or FAE, is a condensed version of the popular Fate Core roleplaying game that brings all the flexibility and power of Fate in a shorter format. Inside, you’ll find a method for making fast, fun characters and simple systems to support whatever story you can dream up on the fly. With FAE, you can be playing in minutes.

3… 2… 1… GAME ON!
Label: Accelerated Fate
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