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Author: Horst Christian
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Published Date: 2013-5-19
Size: 16401 Kb
Description: Based on a true story, a young boy in World War II Germany is forced to become a man well before his time, or perish.

Karl Veth is 14 years old and as mandated by German law, a member of Hitler Jugend (Hitler Youth). He is the assistant to the leader of a KLV camp in Poland - an air raid evacuation camp where 120 German boys under the age of 12 were sent to protect them from the bombings in Berlin. As the Russian army advances and breaks through the German defense lines, Karl is put in command of safely transporting the boys from Poland back to their families in Berlin. He must, however, do this without any help from headquarters.

Once back in Berlin, Karl receives new orders. Having spent a great deal of time exploring the subway tunnels of Berlin when he was younger, Karl has unique knowledge of the subway system. Upon learning that he is a “subway rat”, the SS takes advantage of Karl’s knowledge and orders him to act as a guide for SS demolition commandos in the tunnels.

While the Russians move closer and the fall of Berlin is imminent, Karl is in the midst of the destruction of the city where he was born. Every day he sees and smells death on the streets and as he does so, his loyalty begins to waver.

Hungry, scared, and disillusioned with the war, Karl must constantly rely on his wits simply to stay alive. As a member of the Hitler Youth he is expected to fight like a soldier, however, he reaches a point where he must make a critical decision - live or die.
Label: Degree Loyal
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