[Download Link] Diary of a Male Maid Ebook

Author: Jennifer Foor
Publisher: Jmf Publishing
ASIN: B00889U974
Published Date: 2013-3-12
Size: 16323 Kb
Description: **Early work rewritten into a full novel.**

Sebastian is in college trying to get a Masters degree in Business, but when the recession hits his family, they are unable to continue to pay for his tuition. After working a couple jobs that underpay and overwork, he starts cleaning houses with his then girlfriend Karrie.

When Karrie gets an internship in New York, Sebastian is left to clean the homes himself. Thinking that most of the homeowners would feel weird about having a male maid cleaning their homes, he soon realizes they may have ulterior motives.

Mixing business with pleasure has its advantage and its downfalls. Just when Sebastian thinks he has a good thing going, the ground falls out from underneath of him. He then must face all the consequences of his actions.

(Due to sexual content and language, this book is recommended for 17+)
Label: Diary Maid Male
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