[Download Link] Scandal Becomes Her (Becomes Her, #1) Ebook

Author: Shirlee Busbee
Publisher: Zebra
ISBN: 0821780247 - 9780821780244
Published Date: 2007-7-1
Size: 15831 Kb
Nell Anslowe and Julian, Earl of Wyndham, are an unlikely couple in every respect. Injured in a riding accident ten years ago, Nell was left with a fiance who abandoned their engagement, a slight limp, terrifying nightmares, and the firm belief that she will never marry. The abrupt end of Julian's unhappy marriage formed his resolve to remain a bachelor until the end of his days. But as Julian chases down his reckless stepsister, he seeks shelter from a summer storm in a cottage--and finds it occupied by Nell, who has escaped from a fortune-seeking libertine bent on carrying her off to Gretna Green. Discovered together by Nell's family, the couple's hasty wedding is the only way to save Nell from scandal--but the polite union each of them expects blossoms into something much more powerful...
Label: Becomes Scandal
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