[Download Link] First Aide Medicine Ebook

Author: Nicholaus Patnaude
Publisher: Emergency Press
ISBN: 0983693234 - 9780983693239
Published Date: 2013-6-11
Size: 25652 Kb
Description: Jack worked at the surfboard shop, Karen was a lifeguard, and every night was perfect. And since teenage love destroyed by suicide is hard to get over, Jack simply holds on to his dead girlfriend. At first it is the long phone calls deep into the night, reliving the memories of drinking, black metal bands, the medicine…and the parties an old man named Manson would throw for teenagers at his creepy house on the hill. Then came the regular sightings of her corpse at the beach, and in his bed. Now in his mid-twenties, Jack experiences his best nightmare ever—the chance for revenge on Old Man Manson for murdering Karen! He reunites with Karen for a long journey through night, confronted by her parents, General Hook, the Ghost Witch, a woman in a gummy dress, an old man from a pricker bush, and a furry monster. Finally, with a list of 66 ways to punish and kill Old Man Manson, Jack confronts him in the dining room of a haunted hotel.
Label: Aide First Medicine
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