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Author: Jessica McHugh
Publisher: Post Mortem Press
ISBN: 0615698565 - 9780615698564
Published Date: 2012-9-14
Size: 22806 Kb
Description: Telemarketing is a drag, and serving jobs are exhausting. Luckily, strip clubs are always looking for new blood.

Eva "Birdie" Finch is fed up with the slim pickings in local employment, and the gentleman's club/bowling alley called PINS seems to be the only option left. But learning how to strip for strangers isn't Birdie's only obstacle, especially when fellow dancers start turning up dead.

From Jessica McHugh, author of the steampunk adventure "The Sky: The World" and the bestselling psychological thriller "Rabbits in the Garden", PINS is a post-modern coming of age thriller certain to titillate as much as terrify with a candid look at a dancer trying to find herslef on a blood-drenched stage.
Label: Pins
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