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Author: Tate Volino
Publisher: Alchemy Book LLC
ISBN: 0615610145 - 9780615610146
Published Date: 2012-6-16
Size: 19439 Kb
Description: In a land where many of history's greatest armies have failed can one man even make a difference?

Deep in the dark heart of Afghanistan, U.S. Army Major John Lewis has arrived to take charge of Forward Operating Base MacKenzie. He brings a track record of success and a new perspective to a base located at the crossroads of a conflict that has raged for nearly a decade. At a time when the temperatures and the violence are both on the rise in the punishing Hindu Kush mountains, his skills and resolve will be tested like never before.

Major Lewis must lead his men in the constant battle against insurgents while simultaneously fighting for the favor of the Afghan people. In the midst of all the violence, Major Lewis finds a friend and an ally in a bright and talented young man named, Zemar. He introduces Zemar to the sport he loves while hoping to obtain information on local threats in the area. What Major Lewis doesn't realize is that the boy may hold the key to the future of the entire nation. In the middle of a war zone, it is a friendship that unfortunately may jeopardize their lives as well as those of the soldiers at MacKenzie.

As the situation around MacKenzie begins to spiral out of control, Major Lewis is forced to reconcile between fulfilling his mission and doing what he thinks is right. In the end, Major Lewis's objective in Afghanistan may not be victory, but simply survival.
Label: Pull
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