[Download Link] The Serpent and the Staff Ebook

Author: Frank Yerby
ISBN: 0434890251 - 9780434890255
Published Date: --
Size: 15369 Kb
Description: At thirty-three Duncan Childers had achieved his goal--good clothes, a luxurious home, costly instruments paid for by his rich, sensual wife, and a nationwide reputation as a surgeon.

But the price had been high--the bitter-sweetness of the girl called Calico, the torment of Marta, his Viennese beauty, and the final cruelty of breaking Jenny's heart, the one girl he could have loved truly.

Duncan determined to reject everything he had worked for and go back to the roaring hell of the swamp-ridden parish where he began...

A magnificent story of the early nineteen-hundreds which pursues its tempestuous course from the slums of New Orleans to the salons of Vienna, through the perils of a yellow-fever epidemic and the tension-laden moments of a heart operation.
Label: Serpent Staff
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